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From Solidarity to Consumer Resilience:
Reveiling the R.E.S.I. Routine

Cataclysmic events, such as pandemics, terrorist attacks, and wars, prompt us to express solidarity with vulnerable others. Yet, traditional solidarity often emphasizes social protection, which stands in stark contrast to market logic. Our research uncovers how markets manage to make solidarity consumable by turning it into consumer resilience, i.e., mindful, adaptable, perseverant, and prepared consumption. In a qualitative study of the coronavirus pandemic, we illuminate this transformation by reveiling the R.E.S.I. routine.

Co-authors: Markus Giesler, Lena Steinhoff, Andreas Eggert

Invited for second-round review at: Journal of Consumer Research

Presentation at the CCT Conference 2023

Special Session at EMAC 2024:
Harnessing Relationship Marketing Theory and Practice for Co-Responsibilization


In our special session, we proposed co-responsibilization to address societal challenges and demonstrated the role relationship marketing theory and practice could play for this endeavor. Through interactive small-group discussions with the session attendees, we assessed the potential of our theoretical proposition and identified fruitful research avenues for three different topic areas.

Contributors: Andreas EggertLena Steinhoff, Katharina Kessing, Tobias Schaefers, Ina Garnefeld, Eva Böhm, David Woisetschläger

EMAC Special Session 2024

Special Session at 2022 Winter AMA:
Solidarity in the Marketplace: A Unifying Concept to Address Social Divide


Our special session featured four research projects on solidarity in the marketplace as well as scholars from different marketing subfields. The studies demonstrated (1) how subgroups of consumers can be forced into separate systems of solidarity when the marketplace fails to account for their identities, (2) how strong bonds on the micro level can thwart solidarity, and (3) how consumers and firms can work together to create joint systems of solidarity.

Co-chairs: Lena Steinhoff, Andreas EggertMarkus Giesler

AMA 2022_Special Session on Solidarity_screenshot.png

Password Sharing Systems: Agile Consumer Responses to the Subscription Wave and Provider Crackdowns

Responding to the surge in online subscription services, consumers have widely embraced password sharing. While streaming providers like Netflix previously endorsed this practice, they are now adopting measures to curb it. Through an examination of the Netflix case, my research explores the emergence and evolution of password sharing practices before and after the provider's crackdown.

2021 AMA_SubscriptionMooching-Screenshot.jpg
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