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I strive to empower my students to develop into professional and responsible leaders.


To achieve this goal, I prioritize...

  • Hands-on application: I inspire my students to develop their own market research projects.

  • Use of diverse methods: I foster an inclusive and collaborative learning environment for all students.

  • Cultivation of critical thinking: I encourage my students to reflect on marketing's impact on various stakeholders and society at large.

Undergraduate courses: Principles of Marketing | Business and Services Marketing
Graduate courses: Marketing Research | Marketing Case Studies | Marketing Theory

Student voices:

"Explained super well, always involved, motivating, supporting, it was fun, thank you."

"We were very, very well prepared for writing the paper and we never felt left alone or lost—not a single time."

"Thank you for the very extensive, clearly structured and competently presented tutorials!"

"Compared to other courses, I feel much more confident. This means more fun to learn and less stress and anxiety about the final!"

"Thank you for this interesting course and the really good explanations. For the very first time with e-learning, I wasn't bored at all."

"You are incredibly friendly and you have a very pleasant voice that I enjoyed listening to!"

"His thesis supervision was very pleasant. He replies quickly, provides constructive feedback, and explains it so that I understand the relevance of the proposed changes."

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